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Self Recs Fest: 'I Remember You Not Fondly'

Title: I Remember You Not Fondly
Author: ithildyn
Pairing & Rating: Methos/OFC/LaCroix, R for violence and non-con.
Crossover: Forever Knight, set in the Star Trek future, but no Star Trek characters.
Why this must be read: I've been sticking to short stories till now, but this is one of the long ones. For years, I was fascinated with the idea of the Mirror Universe in Star Trek and what the alternates of our Immies would be like, and in 2007, I finally wrote it. This is a story that was very difficult to write, it totally pushed me out of my comfort zone when it came to the subject matter. In the end, I was very proud of the finished product, even if MirrorMethos totally freaked me out. It was also the first time I'd written Kronos - albeit the Mirror Universe version - but I think it works. It's one of those stories I reread and can't quite believe I wrote it.
Methos - Cheers

Self Recs Fest: 'Let Not Your Heart Be Tribbled' (01/01)

Title: Let Not Your Heart Be Tribbled
Author: ithildyn
Pairing & Rating: Gen, not rated, Duncan/Tribble [g]
Why this must be read: From 2006, technically a crossover with Classic Trek, but if you know what a tribble is, you're set. Duncan, Joe, and Methos have a stopover at Deep Space Station K-7 and Duncan finds true love in the form of a trilling furball.
Methos - Easily Amused

Self Recs Fest: 'The House of Keebler' (01/01)

Title: The House of Keebler
Pairing & Rating: None, G, gen, crossover with Marvel Movies/Thor.
Why this must be read: This is one of my more recent ones, and on the plus side, it's short. I don't write humour/lighthearted very often, so this is one of the exceptions. I just had to know what Methos' reaction would be to meeting Thor, the God of Thunder, and this is the result: Methos and Duncan walk into a bar....
Methos - Shadow

Self Recs Fest: 'Silver Service' (01/01)

I'm going to cross post the recs I'm making for the self recs fest at hl_recs since some of them are older stories you may have missed the first time around.

First up....

Title: Silver Service
Pairing & Rating: Methos/Amanda, Duncan/Amanda, implied Methos/Rebecca/Amanda, R for sexual content.
Why this must be read: This is an older story, and I can't say too much about it because it would ruin the twist at the end - this is my M. Night Shyamalan moment when it comes to fic. What I love was how it started as a romantic gift fic and then... boy, did it take a wrong turn at Albuquerque! And the end, the twist, it was terrific fun to be able to pull the rug out at the end and surprise the reader. This is still one of my favourites.