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A More Permanent Hell

The Elves have left us, and we have not mourned to see them go...

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Welcome to A More Permanent Hell, which started out only so I could leave comments on LJ. However, it didn't take me long to find old friends from Forever Knight & Highlander fandom here, so that didn't last long! (While I'm Ithildyn here on LJ, I'm Ithildin anywhere else you might have run across me over the last fourteen years.)

I've been writing fic for around fourteen years in a variety of fandoms, a great deal of it Methos-centric, some Ezra Standish, and recently, Loki has taken over my brain. My longest running series is Bloodties, an AU that encompasses Forever Knight, Highlander, and in stories set in the future, using the Star Trek universe as a backdrop. My most recent is Echoes the Sea, which currently features a great deal of Avengers content, and the Aces Immortal series, a Magnificent Seven AU I share with strangevisitor7. I also write in the White Collar, Queen of Swords, Iron Man, and Pirates of the Caribbean fandoms. I'm at faviconIthildin on the AO3. Subscribe to me - fandoms in the immediate queue include Pirates of the Caribbean, Iron Man, Highlander, Magnificent Seven, White Collar, Lost Girl, Queen of Swords!

I'm a long time SF & F fan, both books and media, though SF book fandom was my first love. My first fannish obsession was the Lord of the Rings. I was so besotted with Tolkien when I was sixteen that I wrote LotR Haiku. Seriously! I've had many obsessions since: Blake's 7, Dr. Who, Forever Knight, Highlander, Firefly, Pirates of the Caribbean, Iron Man, Magnificent Seven, Avengers, Loki.

If I've friended you and you have no idea why, it's probably because you made a comment somewhere I frequent and I followed you back home to find you were an interesting sort of person.

Feel free to friend me without checking first; you don't need to ask permission, but leaving a comment to tell me where you came from and why you added me would be cool -- less head scratching in befuddlement for me :) Plus, I love comments, I love interacting with people, so please, don't be shy! Especially if you enjoy reading my fic, please let me know. I swear there are days when I truly believe no one is reading.

I have a rather large f'list, and I don't read it with any sort of filter. So please don't take it personally if I don't friend you back, it's just a time management issue these days.

My Fiction: The fic I've posted here on LJ since March of 2006, can be found here (Though I'm usually behind updating, so click the fic tag!). And my archive can be found at Tales From the Darkwood; it contains all my fiction written over the years, or it does when I get around to adding the newer stuff in a timely manner!. My most recent fic is always listed on the sidebar of my Journal.

Adopt An Icon: I have icons I've made just for sharing, so if you're looking to adopt an icon, you can find them right here. I'll be adding new ones as I make them. I do make some icons just for my own use, so please only take icons that you find on the adoption pages. Thanks!

My Other LJ Places: I maintain/moderate avengersblend, a community for all Avengers related fandom, ironman_lounge for Iron Man discussion, ironman_alloy, an Iron Man xover fic community and highland_cross, for Highlander xover fic. There's also holbycitylounge, a discussion and fic community revolving around Peter Wingfield's past and current roles, miobi_lounge for the TV show Make It Or Break It aka The Uncle Vin Show, all_night_owl, a social community for late night chats and fic, and fripperies a community for pre-WWII discussion, fiction, and art.

Find Me: I have a back up journal on Dreamwidth. Currently, the only things posted there are what's posted here.

My perfect and gorgeous layout was created by jinxed_wood using art by Royo. Initially, I had a simple banner I'd made from the same piece of art, and using that as a jumping off point, she created an integrated and visually stunning layout. I can't tell you how much I love it!

My Amazon Wish List

absinthe, adam dalgliesh, age of sail, alta california, alternate universes, anglican, anthony starke, archaeology, army wives, arthurian legend, arthuriana, asian art, autumn, avengers, barney/robin, big band, big bang theory, blake's 7, bones, bora-bora, buffy the vampire slayer, burn notice, california history, camelot, captain jack sparrow, celtic music, cheese, chris larabee, christy, cj cherryh, classic doctor who, colonial america, connie dover, cooking, cowboy junkies, crossover, dan clifford, dangerous beauty, doctor who, dragons, drinking tea, dvds, elizabeth tudor, ezra standish, fanfic, fanfiction, fantasy, femslash, firefly, food, forever knight, forever knight/highlander, glenn miller, grey's anatomy, het, het fic, hiddles, highlander, himym, history, hugh laurie, iron man, isabella bird, ithildin, j.r.r. tolkien, jack sparrow, james bond, james norrington, japan, johnny depp, ken watanabe, lacroix, laura ingalls wilder, linguistics, literature, loki, lord of the rings, loreena mckennitt, lost girl, magnificent seven, magnificent seven/highlander, marvel movies, methos, miobi, music, mythology, natasha/clint, nick fury, once upon a time, oregon trail, orkney, patrick o'brian, pepper potts, peter wingfield, pioneer women, pirates, pirates of the caribbean, pugs, queen of swords, recipes, red wine, royo, sake, sandbaggers, sano ichiro, scandal, sci-fi, science fiction, science fiction conventions, scotland, scottish country dance, scottish music, sf, sf cons, sharpe, silly wizard, skara brae, sleepy hollow, slings and arrows, snape, spanish california, star trek, star trek: tng, star wars, stargate, tall ships, tea, tequila, tolkien, tom hiddleston, tony stark, tony/pepper, tudor england, tudors, valentine pelka, veronica franco, viennese waltz, vin tanner, vintage, web design, white collar, wine, witch of blackbird pond, wolves, writing, ww2, wwii, xover, yellowstone

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