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Collection - Aces Immortal

Smallish series related announcement: I've been trying to figure out a way to merge the stories I've written and the stories strangevisitor7 has written in the Aces Immortal series in one place and in some sort of chronological order, since the order we write them in is not at all chronological. So I decided to try out the collections function at AO3 to see if that would work. And it does, though you can't order the stories in the collection. However, at least all the stories (the ones we've gotten around to uploading at least!) are in one place, and in the collection notes, I've included a chronological listing of the stories like I have on the series post here on my LJ. So we're hoping this is a solution, for now, for multi-authour series.

It's here, and we even have a nifty banner! If you have any helpful hints, or suggestion on making navigating easier, or information you'd like to see included, let me know.
Tags: random fic stuff

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