Ith (ithildyn) wrote,

What I Wrote This Year

Okay, I wrote way more than I thought I had. Haven't done a word count, but dang! This was the year of Magnificent Seven, obviously. With a smattering of White Collar - mixed with M7, of course! And for all my Ezra love, Vin took center stage a lot this year, oh, and I finally gave in to the demand for Chris/Charlotte.  I even wrote some humour this year! And I got a few more parts of West done. I'm hoping 2010 is the year I finally finish the damn thing! What else? Jack Sparrow made a ghostly appearance, Methos did get a little page time - though not as much as he wanted, and Tony pouted because he got only one story this year. 2010, darling, I promise! Really! 

::When We're From Sorrow Free::
::We'll Sing On::
::No Place For A Lady:: (JD is a Jack Sparrow fanboy!)
::Too Young For Heaven::
::Books & Covers:: (Tony gets his one story. Bali tease!)
::Post 'Serpents' Snippet::
::On A Raven's Wing:: (My shot at wrting 3:10 From Yuma and Ben Wade. A personal fave of mine this year)
::Man of the Family::
::Five Memories Ezra Has Of His Sister:: (The introduction of Cecily, whom I've come to adore. She just won't be ignored!)
::Silk & Firecrackers:: (Where Cecily becomes my most requested ship - Vin/Cecily)
::Bound:: (Angggggst!)
::Always:: (Sequel to angggggggst!)
::The More Things Change:: (Methos gets a biscuit)
::The Heart of a Friend::
::Neither Wind Nor Bird::
::All the Reasons Why:: (And Maude gets her moment)
::Straight and Narrow:: (Lord, I'm wrting White Collar fic!)
::Empyrean’s Shores:: (Ghostly Jack)
::An Allocation of Regret::
::Double Double, Pants and Trouble:: (I can write funny!)
Tags: fic, fiction: yearly recap

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