Ith (ithildyn) wrote,


We went to see Sherlock Holmes with my mum this afternoon, and YAY! the IM II trailer was shown!

We all really enjoyed it, much more than I'd expected. Though I did have something of a chicken or egg thing going because it really reminded me more of House and Wilson than any prior Holmes shows/movies I've seen in the past. So that was rather interesting.

Wasn't too sure about Mary in the beginning, but she'd grown on me by the end, and I loved Irene! It was nice to have a more prominent female presence than is usual in a Holmes project.

RDJ was very good in the role I thought, as well as the actor who played Watson (whose name escapes me currently). Overall, a thumbs up from all three of us and definitely a DVD purchase when it comes out.
Tags: movies, rdjr
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