Ith (ithildyn) wrote,

Last Night's Doctor Who

First off, what were they smoking? Have to ask.

I didn't think I'd find less to like than in Water of Mars, but there you go. A few of the little quiet moments were great, like that conversation between Wilf and the Doctor, but overall I was just rolling my eyes. What? The Master is Emperor Palpatine now with lighting bolt attachments on his appendages? And the leaping over tall buildings thing - made me think he'd gotten an ACME shipment from Loony Tunes. And 'Master race'? Yeah, sure whatever. And having Donna around just reminded me how ticked off it made me after what they did to her.

I did have two squee worthy moments: Timothy DALTON!!! And, Time Lords are BACK! (even if they are nasty pieces of work)
Tags: doctor who
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