Ith (ithildyn) wrote,

Merry Christmas!

Hope those that celebrate are having a wonderful and blessed day. And the same if you don't [g]

We always open our gifts late Xmas Eve, and since mum has to work 2pm-10pm tonight, we had our Xmas dinner last night as well. So we're done. I have pumpkin spice cinnamon rolls currently rising for brunch, and later, I'll make my usual cranberry pecan pie to have with the leftovers. I'm also, by popular request, going to be making onion rings. A few months back, I got a cast iron chicken frying pan, and I tried making onion rings, which were a huge hit with the family. Glenn ans Nin both gave me puppy eyes to make them today. I'm also going to try making garlic rosemary fries and see if I can recreate our favourite thing from Bluefin. Those might lure ninjababe from her room. she's in game heaven today. My mum got her an Xbox game and Glenn and I got her a Nintendo DSi. Santa must have thought she was a good girl or something. Can't imagine where he got that idea [snerk]

Bought a new Xmas CD this morning and downloaded it from Amazon: Sugarland's 'Gold and Green', which is supposed to be really good. Plus I got Bob and Doug McKenzie's '12 Days of Christmas' for Nin (A beeeer in a tree!) so now my Xmas folder in iTunes stands at 22 hours of music, and my classical Xmas folder is at 7 hours [g] Hey, I love Christmas music!! I even bought an actual CD for my collection earlier in the month: David John and the Comstock Cowboys 'Christmas in the Sierra', which is a really lovely album.

Well, I should go put the oven on to preheat, and see about putting the pie together. I'll see if I can inspire any interest with my brother and Nin for a movie marathon of some sort - I'm leaning towards Lord of the Rings - but I think Nin's a gonner for today.

Love to you all [HUGS]
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