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Formatting Issues

My brain needs reformatting. Heh. So that story -- I'm not sure how it should be formatted. I keep rearranging it and of course, it keeps getting longer. Initially, it was Methos in one place, looking back over a series of events that led to that place, no real dialogue. Now it's sort of that, but with sections of dialogue and events still leading back to where the story starts. I'm not sure which works better. Maybe I should just write it and rearrange the bits later if need be. I know, none of that makes any sense :)

This has been a Rambley McRamble brought to you by Ith's desperately addled brain cells.

A bit later:

So this is my punishment for procrastinating and fiddling around last night. Now this has turned into a much more involved long fic with journal entries alternating with flashbacks. Something totally different than I've ever tried writing.

If I'd just started writing when I finished dinner last night..! But oh no! [trudges away] God only knows what this will turn into before it's done.

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