Ith (ithildyn) wrote,

The Thanksgiving Post

As some of you have already heard, I was offered a job this week, for which I am most thankful! I start in a little over a week.

Chocolate Cherry Brioche, I haz! It was so worth the work to make!! Nom nom!! Mum works 2-10 tonight, so wanted to make something special for her before she went to work.

Since mum works tonight, we're having Thanksgiving tomorrow instead. So tonight, I'm making Pumpkin Risotto for dinner.

To do still today: make a pumpkin pie and get turkey all fixed up to brine. I made a wagon load of fresh pumpkin puree day before yesterday, so will now have enough till next Thanksgiving, me thinks!

Was looking at netbooks on Amazon late last night and discovered season two and three of Psych were on sale for $12 each! Score!!

Happy Thanksgiving to all my American nearest and dearest! And to my other nearest and dearests, have a great weekend!
Tags: now about me, random
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