Ith (ithildyn) wrote,

I'm Picking Something

So I'm picking something to be happy about tonight, er, make that this morning. And that is going to be White Collar! It is growing into my favourite happy TV place with every episode. Tonight's/last night's was no exception.

I was wondering if anyone has written a Chuck/WC crossover yet where Bryce Larkin is Neal's long lost twin. Somebody needs to write that! But not me! I want to read it!
Tags: white collar

  • [sobs]

    I hate Grey's. That is all. EVOL! Is it autumn yet?

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    Apparently, Kevin McKidd is now a regular on Grey's! Awesome! Nice interview with him here.

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    Managed to watch Ugly Betty, Grey's, and SPN last night! Three full hours of TV enjoyment. I really loved Grey's in particular, and it reminded me of…

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