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I get lots of story ideas (like that's news!). Some get written, some don't. Very often though, if it's something that really grabs me, or a scene that just sticks in my brain, I'll write it down as something of a mental marker when/if I revisit the idea of wrting the actual fic. So I thought I'd share a few of them here.

Some of them are opening scenes, some are scenes that would be set later at some point in the story.

This one is set 1883ish, after Ezra has to leave FC and take on a new identity. He and Charlotte travel to Paris to see Penny perform on the Paris stage. And Vin and Cecily accompany them so Vin can deal with some Watcher business.

Bright Lights of Paris

“Sean,” Charlotte called out delightedly as her old friend crossed the floor towards her. “I am so pleased you are here.”

He took her proffered hand, kissing the back gallantly. “I would not miss Penelope’s grand premiere for anything.” He turned his attention towards Charlotte’s companion, extending a hand. “Sean Burns.”

“Vin Tanner,” he responded, shaking Sean’s hand.

“Sean, this is my son-in-law, Vin Tanner. He and Cecily made the trip with us, along with my perfect grandchildren,” she told him, eyes glinting with merriment.

“Perfect grandchildren,” Vin huffed. “I’m thinking they can stay with you and Ez while we’re here,” he warned darkly, though a smile tugged at his lips.

“I can not wait to meet them, and to see Cecily again,” Sean told them.


I've been tossing around the idea of wrting an ATF AU using Charlotte and Cecily, etc., but where everyone is mortal. No immortals, no crossover elements. I have most of it plotted out in my head, along with sequels, but not sure if I'll ever write any of it. This was just a snippet I jotted down that had made me laugh.

Untitled ATF AU

“Until Agent Black has a chance to get her bearings here in Denver, I’ve offered her my guestroom until she gets settled,” Ezra explained to the other members of his team.

“Cool!” JD exclaimed. “You’ll be just like me and Buck!”

Buck chuckled, giving Ezra a wink. “Boy, if they’re just like you and me, Ez ain’t doing it right!”

Charlotte flashed a grin at Ezra, who just rolled his eyes as the other men laughed, their amusement only fed by the perplexed look on the youngest agent’s face.

Batting the back of JD’s head, Buck whispered loudly, “Don’t worry, kid, ol’ Buck will explain everything later.”


A snippet of that story I'd talked about a few months ago where Tony, after some sort of lab accident, ends up in the life of his great great grandfather.

Beyond the Pale

What the hell? Tony shook his head, grimacing at the pain the movement caused. “Damnit, the capacitor must have overloaded,” he muttered to himself, surprised he was still conscious, let alone alive.

“Are you well, sir?” a softly accented voice asked.

Tony gingerly cracked open his eyes, seeing a woman looking down at him, concern plain on her face. He realized several things in that moment: he was lying on his back, outside, someplace that wasn’t his workroom, and that his head felt like someone had taken an ice pick to it. Oh, then there was Charlotte asking him if he was all right, except she looked like she’d stepped off the set of Bonanza. God, he needed a drink.

He closed his eyes again. Okay, you’re going to open them next time and all the crazy will be gone, he instructed himself firmly. But her hand felt very real as her fingers gently began to run across his head, and the scent of her perfume…. He opened his eyes not quite wanting the vision to be gone after all.

“You have a nasty bump,” she said, her face now very close to his from where she knelt next to his prone form. “Maybe a concussion. Do you remember what happened?”


I'm pretty sure I'll never write this story, just because I'd cry too much. A snippet of what would be the story of Chris's death. This is the aftermath.

A Wreath of Willow

“How long has she been this way?” Maude demanded.

Ezra rubbed his face. “Since the funeral. At first, she showed no emotion at all, it was as if she were made of stone, then….” He collapsed into a chair, burying his face in his hands. “It wasn’t supposed to be this way, Mother.”

“I know, baby boy, I know.” She squeezed his shoulder. “I shall take care of Charlotte now. I know full well what she’s feeling. When your father died…well.” She sighed. “I need you to go find Mr. Jackson and procure some laudanum. She needs sleep, she needs to forget, if only for a little while.”

Ezra looked at her, perplexed. “Laudanum? But, Mother, surely—“

“We’re immortal, Ezra, not inhuman! Did it occur to no one that her grief and her pain required the same care as that of a mortal woman? Obviously not,” she answered her own question.


This is a scene from what will, one day, be the sequel to Practical Applications. My goal is to get it done before IM II comes out.

Transformative Variations

Charlotte flinched at the hurt in Tony’s eyes. She knew he felt betrayed, and in all honesty she couldn’t blame him. The thought that one day she might tell him about her immortality was something she’d considered from time to time, but it had always been an ephemeral ‘what if?’. All the reasons she had for not revealing her secret still held true, but up against the reality of the pain she’d caused her best friend, none of those reasons made her feel better.

“Tony, I….” her voice faltered, looking down at her blood covered blouse, pooled on the floor at her feet. “I’m sorry,” she finally said in a soft voice.

Ezra put a hand on her shoulder, handing her a tumbler of scotch with the other. Gratefully, she took the glass, taking a long drink. God, she hated being shot.

“Is this why we were never together?” Tony demanded. “I never had a chance, did I?” He laughed bitterly.

“No, Tony, it wasn’t like that! Please, let me explain.” She glanced over at Methos leaning against the bulkhead behind Tony. He hadn’t said a word since he and Pepper had come back into the salon. She couldn’t read his expression; his eyes carefully blank of all emotion. She felt trapped between the two men she loved, each in their own way.

Ezra squeezed her shoulder sympathetically. Never had she been so grateful for his presence. She didn’t know what she would have done without him being here to be a buffer between Methos and Tony.

“I think we all need to take a deep breath,” Ezra said calmly. “Too much has happened over the last six months for any of us to say or do anything we’ll regret later.” He shot Methos a look before turning his attention to Tony. “She’s your best friend and she loves you; nothing about today has changed that. You need to remember that, Tony.”

It seemed as if Tony was going to say something, but instead, he just shook his head, scrubbing his hand through his hair in a frustrated gesture.


And last, but not least, a little Vin and Cecily.

Untitled Vin/Cecily snippet

“First, I have a few questions,” she stated.

“Questions? Thought I was s’posed to get a yes or a no, not danged questions!” Vin said, sounding peeved.

“Well now, darling, I am not most women,” Cecily replied smugly.

“Darn well know that! Wouldn’t be asking you to marry me if you were!”

From her hidden vantage point, Charlotte slapped a hand over her mouth to keep from laughing aloud at Vin’s aggrieved reply. “We really shouldn’t be eavesdropping,“ she whispered to Ezra, who stood next to her.

Ezra’s eyes were dancing as he whispered back, “Why, Charlotte, they’re family, so it’s really not a sin.”

Charlotte looked doubtful at his logic, but was more than willing to be convinced in this case. “You may be right,” she murmured, turning her attention back to the couple in the rose garden.

Cecily twirled her parasol over her shoulder, swaying back and forth with a pleased smile on her face. “Very glad you realize that, darlin’.”

Vin shook his head in exasperation, a smile tugging at his lips. “You had questions?” he drawled.

Nodding, she said, “I am a very wealthy woman, Vin, and I want to make sure from the outset that you do not harbour any outmoded ideas about women and money. It is quite enough that I will have to reside in this dusty backwater, but I absolutely refuse to live in a hovel or wear flour sacks made into dresses!”

“Sounds more like an ultimatum than a question, Cecily,” Vin observed evenly.

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  • Then there was the math

    Just realized I miscounted when I was replying to the Three Things I Like fic meme I posted last week. Oops!! Not that I think anyone cares the…

  • Are You Kidding?

    Seen at rhi This is so me, it isn't even funny! This entry was originally posted at Please…

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