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We went back to Zion again today, this time with my brother, since we're the one's with the park pass. And my camera appears to be working again - Glenn thinks it was my batter recharger that was on the fritz - so I took lots of autumn photos. And with photos, maybe conjured_1 will have the visual evidence necessary to answer her question from last week [g] In the visitor center, Nin found me another book to go with my collection, this time a Pipe Spring Pioneer Cookbook.

I had such a craving for homemade pizza that guess what we're having tonight? Even if it will be late seeing as the dough has at least another hour to rise.

Had something of an ATF fusion story (isn't that what they call stories that aren't crossovers, but kinda are, except different? I've had a few people try and explain the concept to me, but I'm still not sure I get it!) idea at some point before I woke up/was waking up. Will probably never write it, but it's rattling around in my brain.

Gave myself quite a nasty burn last night making dinner, and it hurts a lot today /whine.
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