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tygermama asked about this scene from Comfort.

Then he heard the sound of an axe splitting wood down behind the stable. Giving the horse a final pat, he headed out the back to investigate. He rounded the corner to find the object of his search – chopping wood. Chris felt his blood pressure rise. He loved Charlotte for her independent streak, but god damnit! Sometimes he thought she did things like this just to vex him. She had sons, ranch hands, she had him! And yet she persisted in doing things she had no need to be doing. This ended now! He’d be damned if people were going to think he didn’t treat his wife right, making her work like a field hand.

I’d never really written a Chris/Charlotte fic before this one, in fact, Casey had written more C&C than I had. But since the pairing was her idea, I suppose that makes sense [g] And it was a bit of a challenge, wrting two people as a couple that I had never conceived of as being in love. So this fic overall was inspired by a scene in her story The Tale Is In the Telling, and an offhand comment I made that I bet Chris was headed to see Charlotte for a sympathetic ear.

As for this scene…. Chris is not the most even-tempered of men, shall we say. He’s also a very dominant personality, used to being obeyed. Then you have Charlotte, who is stubborn, and not accustomed to interference in how she chooses to do things. So, to me, it seemed that they would have something of a contentious relationship. Even before they were a couple, she and Chris had had ‘moments’ of irresistible force and immovable object, and I don’t suppose that aspect of the relationship would go away once they were engaged – or married.

So we have Chris already in a really bad mood, and all he wants is a little TLC, but instead, he finds Charlotte chopping wood and he just blows his stack. He assumes, wrongly, that she’s doing it purposely to tick him off, since it seems everyone lately has been doing things to tick him off. So he goes in, guns blazing (metaphorically speaking!) to lay down the law [snort] Like that’s gonna work.

I do like that he really seems to want to be needed by Charlotte, as her husband, the man in her life, that he can take care of her – that she’ll let him. I think Chris needs that feeling of being responsible for his family, be it his men or Charlotte and her children. In his mind, he failed his family when Sarah and Adam were murdered, and he desperately needs to not fail this time. And that just makes him prone to being a wee bit overprotective, not to mention bossy. Luckily for him, Charlotte understands his motivations and what’s truly in his heart, and knows that his lapses come from love.

Who knew I had so much to say about that scene? LOL

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