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We took mum to work today so we could see the lovely fall colours between here and Zion, and it was an especially lovely day. After dropping her off, we drove into the park and had a snack at the lodge. The most exciting wildlife we saw was wild turkeys.

Got the new Brandi Carlile CD, Giving Up the Ghost, in the mail today and am listening to it now. So far so good.

What's with all the nano stuff? Seems like every other post on my f'list is somehow related to it or one of its cousins. And those that aren't are about Yuletide/fic fests. I'm thinking I need to get a hobby or something!

Another great episode of Castle and How I Met Your Mother tonight. Oh, and forgot to mention how awesome the season premiere of Friday Night Lights was last week. God, I love this show!

Thinking of doing new Xmas/Winter icons this year.
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