Ith (ithildyn) wrote,

Amazing Race

I rarely get this riled up over a reality show, but I'm making an exception in the case of the latest ep of 'Amazing Race'.

It was just wrong! The Ezraettes aka the Poker Girls, were robbed. Both tasks were geared against a two woman team, and I about cried with them. It was so frustrating! Especially when the other team totally bypassed the bikes they were supposed to use and got a lousy 30 min. penalty. Why weren't they made to go back and complete the task properly? By that token, the Ezraettes, could have bypassed the 'strong man' part of the challenge and just done the dance and the herring and got a 30 min penalty. So not fair. The 'strong man' bell thing was totally pointless.

Daniel over at Hitfix does a much better job of explaining just why I was so ticked off, so go read his review for a more coherent take on tonight's ep.

Tags: amazing race

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