Ith (ithildyn) wrote,

Random Post Is Random

* Often when I see an icon of Daniel Jackson from Stargate, I think it's Howling Mad Murdoch from the A Team.

* When I see a freeway sign for SR 19, I don't think State Route, I think Shire Reckoning.

* I keep forgetting to backup my LJ over on Dreamwidth. Heck, I forget to even go over to Dreamwidth. Is anyone else using DW exclusively? As in, am I missing your posts because you aren't posting them to LJ? Oh, and I have two invite codes, though I'm pretty sure everyone who wanted one has one.

* I had Swiss Chard for the first time last night. I went out to the garden, picked it with my own two hands [snerk] and then used a recipe form the Hell's Backbone book for 'Creamy Cheesy Swiss chard'. It was pretty yummy, and I'm not much of a veg fan. Would have it again, and since there's some new young shoots on the chard plants, I'll be able to.

* Gearing up for Halloween! Unlike CA, here I'm told to expect hordes of wee ones trick or treating! Am excited! We have lights and decorations on the porch, and lots of pumpkins, and we're going to stick the iPod and speakers outside with us playing the Mannheim Steamroller Halloween album. Glenn says he just stays outside for the duration, because otherwise, he'd be opening and shutting the door constantly.

* Making perogies for dinner tonight. Should get started real soon here now.
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