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It is 2am, but I really want to be able to post the Halloween fic I'm writing this year! So I'm actually wrting, but it's making me weepy, which triggers my allergies, which makes me sneeeeeeeze! I have a pile of tissue next to the keyboard. And I have to say, the 'John Adams' soundtrack is the perfect accompaniment to what I'm currently wrting. It's really aiding the wrting process - while adding to the weepyness :)

There's a very short piece of music, called 'Hot Air Balloon', that I just love. The setting is Paris, and John and Abigail Adams, and Thomas Jefferson, are witnessing Franklin's great hot air balloon experiment. There's such a joy to that scene, and I see it whenever I hear the music. And it really plays into Charlotte as she's contemporary to that time period. One of the early Iron Man stories, The Currency of Trust, had her contemplating human flight:

When she’d been a child in the eighteenth century, she had loved climbing the rigging of her father’s ships and sitting in the crow’s nest – much to the dismay of the long line of governess’ her father had retained. For Charlotte, it had been like flying, high above the world. She remembered her first trip in a hot air balloon and the very first time she’d flown on an airplane. The highlight of her life had been when Tony had convinced Rhodey to take her up in an F-18 a few years back. It had been like she was that little girl again. And now Tony was creating something that would allow a human to fly. It was absolutely amazing!

That joy is something I really want to keep for her. Being Immortal doesn't mean losing the ability to be amazed and enraptured by the world around her, no matter how many centuries pass. I want her to have happiness along with the pain. Wonder and grief.

Something to try and keep in mind.
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