Ith (ithildyn) wrote,

Toy Story

ninjababe really wanted to go see the Toy Story 3D double feature, and since it's only out for two weeks, we went last night. It was fun, and since we didn't see them in the theater initially, it was nice to see them on the big screen. And boy, as 3D technology improved! And yes, toys still make me cry. The one bummer was that they'd been hyping a preview of Toy Story 3 as an added bonus, except there was no preview! That annoyed me. There four outher people besides us in the theater, and it was cold!! The AC was set for a theater full of people, and here it was nearly midnight with six of us. Even with my jacket, I was chilled. First time I'd been to the movies since we saw star Trek in the summer.
Tags: movies

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