Ith (ithildyn) wrote,

Home Again

We're home and otterevil is on a plane back home to South Carolina as I type. Really long drive home as it occurred during a nice big snowstorm, and added to the main road between the two parts of Yellowstone being closed for construction.... Yeah, bleah. But we had a really nice time. Didn't see any wolves - I was a moron and forgot to bring binoculars and then my camera decided to die. I saw specks that I know were wolves from their size and movement compared to the bison herd they were circling, but only saw specks [sigh] Yesterday, we did Zion and the loop around Kanab/Fredonia/Colorado City to home. Were going to head for the North Rim of the Grand Canyon, but it was already 3pmish and we wouldn't have gotten there till 6:30. so will take her there next trip.

No way I'll catch up on LJ, so if anything exciting happened I should know about, let me know! :)
Tags: friends, travel
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