Ith (ithildyn) wrote,

Getting Ready

otterevil arrives tonight, and it's been a cleaning frenzy around here. My brother has been pulling up the carpeting the living room, and damn, it was nastier than expected. Looks like the prior owners had dogs, dogs who wet all over. The padding and the weave under the carpet has pretty much disintegrated, so allergies are nicely ramped up at this point. And Nin has cleaned her room!! Tam is sleeping in her room the few nights she's here, so floor space needed to be created for houseguest walking [weg] So later today, after I wake up, I need to vacuum and clean floors, and pack for the trip. when Nin gets home from work, we'll put fresh sheets on her bed, and head into town to pick Tammy up form the shuttle stop. Thursday morning, we pick up the rental car and head to Yellowstone and a day in Cody. We should be back late Monday night. Taking the laptop, but no idea what sort of internet access we'll have.

I've been to Yellowstone in the spring, and the winter, but this is my first autumn -- looking forward to it! Not to mention a stop at this awesome wine shop inside a gas station off the freeway in Pocatello. I'm looking to stock up on the Idaho Malbec they sell. God, it's good!

So see everyone next week at some point, barring the occasional LJ post.
Tags: friends, travel

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