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Reccity Rec

strangevisitor7 reallllllly loves SPN - like that's news - and a few months back we were discussing our Aces Immortal series. As much as she loved the boys, we decided that we just already had too much going on modern day in the stories, and I wasn't too keen on adding SPN to the mix. But during the course of these conversations, it occurred to me that if M7 could have a modern day AU, why couldn't SPN have an Old West one? Fast forward to now, and you can see the results! Hell Hath No Fury featuring Old West AU versions of Sam and Dean still doing what they do best, except in cowboy hats and spurs (Yes, I realize that could be construed as, er, well.... But never mind that!) It's a great story, and a Sam and Dean writing strangevisitor7 is a happy one [snerk] And one doesn't want one's coauthour being unhappy! No sirree! [showers cheese all over]

Tags: fic recs, mag7, series: 'aces immortal', supernatural

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