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It's what's for dinner. Yum! It's currently in the fridge setting, but should be ready to pop in the oven soon.

New default icon! We finally finished watching Merlin, and there was a scene in one of the later eps where Morgana and Uther's cloaks entwine together in the wind, and I just loved it visually. So I attempted to make an icon form the scene. I'm relatively pleased at how it came out.

Speaking of Merlin, Morgana is still by far my favourite character. So far, Merlin and Arthur just haven't grabbed me. But we shall see what next next series brings. Looking forward to it. Anyway, even though I'm not looking to read fic for the show, I was thinking that if I was, I'd be looking for Morgana/Uther or Morgana/Gwen. And then I thought that there probably isn't any Morgana/Uther out there, so I have no need to worry about getting sucked in. BZZZT! Guess what I saw recced on crackvan last week? Uh huh. No, I haven't read it yet. Do not want to be pulled in! We'll see how long I manage to resist [g] Reading fic is the first step on the path to hell. The next is seeking out comms. I will be strong!

I really had intended on writing this weekend, but kept getting distracted. And lots of TV on tonight, so unless I start writing late, I probably won't get to it. I swear I'll finish West if it KILLS ME! It seems to be my bane and it mocks me. Bad fic, no bickie!
Tags: a shortcut to mushrooms, merlin, random fic stuff
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