Ith (ithildyn) wrote,

This Is Probably Pat's Fault

So if you didn't know, Peter Wingfield has a blog now, but since I'm a bad fan, I don't really keep up with it. But I don't need to since I have the charming and informative pat_t to point out the highlights - like this post.

Anyway, I'm sure Pat pointing out the circumstances of his last post was responsible for the dream I had last night. I was at a gathering/party at, I'm pretty sure, Jen's house. A lot of Methos fen from LJ were there, including Pat. We're all having a good time. Then Peter shows up. And Peter wants to cook! He decides he's going to make split pea soup (no idea). He proceeds to make his soup, but makes a hell of a mess, getting soup all over everything, including himself. Next I know, he's asking me to see to getting him a change of clothes. I'm thinking, dude, not my problem! But I'm polite and go find Jen to see if we can find something, thinking that if we were at Pat's house, a change of clothes wouldn't be a problem. We do find something for him to wear, and the dream went on for a bit, but I don't remember the details. Maybe I pointed him to the washing machine? [g]

So yeah, all Pat's fault!
Tags: you don't say?
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