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I thought of this while thinking of something else, which I may get to posting eventually!

Since fic summaries are all the rage these days, and contain all sorts of information, I've been pondering adding information on just how crossovery a crossover actually is. I know lots of people hate crossovers, but tolerance levels vary. For example, if I write a story in my series, where the only canon character is Methos, that happens to be in the future using the Star Trek timeline, but with no ST characters, with no mention of anything Star Trek, it might be more palatable to some readers than a story with say, Methos, Spock, and the Enterprise. Does that make sense? But in a summary, you have a line that says 'Highlander/Star Trek' and I think that leads to the expectation of equal amounts of both fandoms. Not that sometimes I don't have an ST character show up, but I also have fic that has no real ST content, other than it being in the future and mentioning warp drive, or buying those cool boots on Romulus, and sometimes, not even that. [g] Like my last fic, Should the Dawn Return. I think the only thing Star Trek in it was 'tricorder'and 'hypospray'. But the summary says 'Crossover: Highlander/Star Trek', so a reader is probably expecting Methos and Kirk picking up alien women in bars on some space station :)

I dunno, I'm probably just talking out of my hat as usual. I can't help it -- it's the way my brain meanders through a day!

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