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So we've finally started watching all the Merlins we have on the DVR (we just finished E07). We're really enjoying it despite the fact that the historical inaccuracy is making my toes curl. I really wish somebody somewhere would make a a TV series or a movie using the actual time period, etc.. Anyway, back to Merlin. I am enjoying it, but as usual, I don't have a lot of interest in the leads - I'm drawn to Morgana and really wish she played a bigger part. I don't like Arthur at all, though Merlin is sweet in a dorky teenage boy sort of way.

More Morgana!

That Lancelot comes back. Him I liked.

The Merlin in the stocks thing ends; it's getting really old.

Arthur displays something to make him worthy to be *the* Arthur.

Some sort of idea how a lady's maid becomes Arthur's queen. Assuming they even stick with that part of the legend, of course.

And yes, you may spoil me with abandon!
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