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Nin and I have started rewatching Slings and Arrows. How I love it!

Watched some gymnastics yesterday, though I missed the majority of the broadcast. Turned out most of it wasn't televised, but was live streamed on the NBC Nationals webpage. Very annoying. A JILLION sports channels and you have to watch it on the internet.

For those newish around here, wanted to point out my Iron Man comm. Not that anyone actually comments or posts, but you never know [g] ironman_lounge

Have been utilizing tomatoes in just about everything I can think of. We have lots, but not enough to turn into sauce to can, so lots of tomato eating going on. The last two nights were dinners using tomatoes and potatoes from our garden.

Fun summer show: Singing Bee on CMT! Nin and I have a blast watching it and singing along.
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