Ith (ithildyn) wrote,

Top Five - 03

Since I wasn't able to come up with five kisses for jinxed_wood, I told her she could pick another one. She chose What are your top five dramatic death scenes! , and while I was working on that, she changed her mind and came back with What are your top five favourite characters to write? So, I'm doing both!

What are your top five favourite characters to write?

1: Methos
2: Ezra Standish
3: Tony Starke
4: Janette Ducharme
5: Lucien LaCroix

What are your top five dramatic death scenes....

1: Lucy Muir's death at the end of 'The Ghost and Mrs. Muir'.
2: Boromir's death in 'Lord of the Rings'.
3: King Theoden's death in 'Lord of the Rings'.
4: Helen Burns' death in 'Jane Eyre'.
5: Spock's death in 'Wrath of Khan'.

And pat_t's choice: The top five shows to cross-over Highlander (and character) with. To which I reply....

1: Forever Knight
2: Magnificent Seven
3: Pirates of the Caribbean
4: Iron Man
5: Star Trek

And the character is Methos for all of them - not like that's a surprise [g]

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