Ith (ithildyn) wrote,

Drabble: 'Sex on the Beach'

This is what happens when we have a rare hot day, I'm left all alone at the office, and I really want to go on vacation! Oh, and a drink wouldn't be bad either. Rum, tequila, I'm not fussy.

This is another one of my 'can be whatever the reader desires' drabbles -- het, slash, both, up to you!

'Sex on the Beach' wasn't just the name of a drink -- something Methos had been very pleased to be reminded of, and quite thoroughly at that. Sighing in contentment, he listened to the deep, steady breathing of his sleeping lover, the soft sound a counterpoint to the departing tide. Only the silver sliver of the new moon was visible in the quickly darkening tropical sky, the perfect setting for the end of a perfect day, and the beginning of a beautiful night. He had plans after all, and the thought brought a wicked smile of anticipation to his lips.

Tags: drabbles, fic, fic: highlander, methos
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