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Top Five - 02

Since I couldn't come up with five for her first choice, grachonok picked a new one.

Top 5 things you want to strangle canon authors for?

1: The three Star Wars prequels. Totally ruined something I'd been so eagerly looking forward to since the day Return of the Jedi came out. I try and ignore their existence at this point [g]

2: Methos never having a steady love interest. He had 68 wives and they can't come up with something? Yes, I know the show was called 'Highlander' and Duncan was always going to get the romance, but doesn't mean I wouldn't have liked them to have done a little something in that regard.

3: Taking a character I admired like Marion Ravenwood and turning her into the sort of woman who would deny her son his father. That really ticked me off. All so we could have the cliche of the 'son he never knew he had'. Pffft!

4: 'Serpents'! That episode just makes me batty. Everyone is very OOC IMHO. I could see it if the episode had come at the beginning of the series, but not the last episode before the end of the series. You have to wonder why Ezra would put up with that sort of crap from people who are supposedly his friends.

5: I had a five, but for the life of me, I can't remember what it was. Check back later [g] I remembered! Laurell Hamilton for taking one of my favourite characters, Anita Blake, and one of my favourite series, and turning her and it into something I don't even want to read anymore.

Okay, people keep asking the nonshippy person the shippy questions!

jinxed_wood asked for Top five fannish kisses

I can't think of five! I have one, well it's two, though in the same movie. Han and Leia in 'The Empire Strikes Back'. So if you want me to do five other things, let me know.

Top Five non-canon couples was shadadukal's request. With a shout out to amonitrate

1: Tony Stark/Pepper Potts - I suppose this one you might need an explanation for. I adore the idea of Tony/Pepper, and it's one of my few 'ships', but it's an idea, not a reality since IM ends with nary a kiss or any prospect of them ever being together.

2: Dana Scully/Walter Skinner

3: A.J./Mac (JAG)

4: Hermione/Snape

5: Gregory House/Alison Cameron

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