Ith (ithildyn) wrote,

And Now.... 20 Final Scenes

Also pillaged from sivanshemesh, and this time, oldest to newest, minus the WIPs.


01: How bad could it be? Move to the west coast, away from mom – now that was a double plus right there – out from under the burn notice, and play babysitter. Sweet.

"You have yourself a deal, Agent Coulson." He extended a hand which the other man shook.

"Good to have you on board, Mr. Westen."

Michael put on his sunglasses. "Just one thing; I don't do the suit. Black isn't my colour."


02: “What’s with the look?” Tony asked suspiciously.

“What look? Don’t know what you mean!” she protested, all innocence, as Happy started the Rolls. “Love you, Tony.” She waved as the car slowly began to make its way down the sweeping drive.

“Yeah, me too.” Eyes widening as if he’d just realized something, he took out his cell, hitting the speed dial. Strains of Turn On Your Heart Light could be heard accompanied by peals of delighted feminine laughter as the car pulled out of the gate.


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