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First Lines

Seen all over, but most recently at sivanshemesh's LJ.

List the first lines of your last twenty stories. See if you find any patterns.

In reverse order, with the newest first....

01: (This is from the story I'm currently wrting, but haven't posted yet) The afternoon sun hung in the western sky, its golden light warming the cool wind blowing down from the Organ Mountains to the north. It had been a fine autumn so far, and Vin had every expectation that the weather two days hence would be perfect for Chris and Charlotte’s wedding.

02: Ezra slammed his fist into the wall outside the sitting room, the pain blossoming across his knuckles and up his arm as broken bones reformed and healed. He rested his head against the cool wood, exhausted and fast losing hope.

03: “Where is she, Mother?” Ezra demanded, the maid taking his overcoat and hat as he strode into the sitting room, before she left mother and son alone, closing the door behind her.

04: Ezra was in dire need of a distraction. Since winning his first challenge a week ago, he’d felt restless and at a loose end. It was as if there was something he should be doing, whatever it was, hanging there, just beyond the edge of his memory.

05: “Who are you?” Ezra asked belligerently, eyeing the strange girl who was sitting on the piano bench in the music room. Charlotte had sent him off to practice his music, and while he didn’t want to, he didn’t quite have the nerve to disobey her outright. But now this girl was sitting on his bench, at his piano, and he didn’t like it one bit.

06: Ezra reached over, pulling on the reins of Charlotte's horse, bringing both of their mounts to a halt. "We need to discuss this," he told her firmly.

07: “Your home is always an oasis of civilization, Mrs. Black,” Judge Oren Travis said, sighing as he sank deeper into the leather upholstered armchair in Charlotte's cozy, wood paneled study. “I only wish my visit could be longer.”

08: Methos glanced up from the journal he’d been writing in. He’d kept out of the altercation between Charlotte and Ezra, realizing anything he might offer would only exacerbate the situation. Charlotte had finally left the parlour, obviously hurt and upset, while Ezra sat slumped in his chair looking like someone had killed his puppy.

09: "Having fun yet?" Ezra Standish asked brightly, coming up to one of the many small candlelit tables that were scattered around the large garden terrace where a party was in full swing.

10: “If you want me to come, then of course I will. But I think you overestimate any influence I might have with Chris.”

11: They were well into the poker game when Ezra entered the saloon. Chris leaned back in his chair, waiting to see just how well Charlotte had pegged the younger man. She’d told him back at her ranch that the southerner would object to finding her in the saloon, and he was looking forward to seeing if she was right.

12: Watching her in the middle of the paddock, putting the two-year-old stallion through its paces, he realized it wasn’t often he had the chance to catch her in an unguarded moment. And after the events of nearly a month prior, he felt it might be an even rarer occurrence from now on.

13: The sword came up and over almost faster than Ezra could track; he barely blocked the cut, the two blades ringing with the impact. He didn’t have time to ponder how close his opponent’s sword had come to his throat because another attack had already been launched, this one resulting in his sword flying from his hands as if compelled by some unseen force.

14: "Shall we go into town tomorrow and see about getting you a new suit for Christmas, Ezra?"

15: “See what you gave up by deciding to settle in Four Corners instead of Doña Ana?” Charlotte asked as she and Ezra walked down the wide, well maintained sidewalks the bustling town.

16: "Why did I invite Tony to this again?" Charlotte Sparrow asked mournfully, watching from the back of the ballroom as the billionaire jacked up the bidding for the photograph currently being auctioned off.

17: “You are the most beautiful boy. Yes, you are! Are you lonely here all by yourself?”

Colonel Luis Montoya, military governor in the service of his Majesty the King of Spain here in this part of Alta California, paused at the sound of the female voice, speaking in English. It wasn’t at all what he had expected to encounter on the way to his morning ride.

18: Tony Stark hates those four words. Four words he wishes he could take back. Four words that stole his future. When he’d said them, he didn’t know that he would be giving up a life he hadn’t known could be his. A man who could have had everything. He knew now; now that it was too late.

19: He will return," Methos said softly.

"I know." Charlotte nodded. "Jack just needs some time, and then all will be well."

20: The granite of the stairs was cool against Charlotte’s bare feet as she headed down to the living room from the guest wing. Wearing jeans and a t-shirt that read ‘Friends Don’t Let Friends Drink White Zinfandel’, she was desperate for a cup of tea after last night’s tequila blowout with Tony.

I start with dialogue a great deal, something I'd always suspected [g]

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