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Things Fixed

Last week, our hot water heater went kaplooey and we had nothing but lukewarm water. Didn't have the money for a plumber till late this week. So, mid week, I went to check that the thermostat was at the highest, for the warmest lukewarm water possible. I twisted the knob, and it seemed loose, so I wiggled it and it tightened up and POOF! the gas kicked on and what do you know? We have hot water again! I is genius [g]

My computer speakers, my lovely black Daleks. I started getting a crackling sound on the right speaker. I was so ticked off. They're only six months old and DAMN! So this goes on for most of the week, driving me CRAZY. Yesterday, somehow I realized that the crackling was in time with my scroll wheel on my trackball. Turned put that the speaker was picking up interference whenever I used the trackball. I tried moving the speaker, the receiver for the trackball, you name it. No dice. So today, my brother opened up the speaker and decided to rewrap the circuit board with the insulation it was covered in, and it seems to have worked. No more mouse to speaker noise!

The manic icon making seems to have had the desired effect since I've started wrting again. About 800 words so far. Though somehow, the story ended up being Vin POV which wasn't what I'd planned!

When ninjababe gets home from work, we need to make our bimonthly trip to the state liquor store. I swear, I think it's the one thing I'll never get used to living here. I really wish there was one in the area we live in and not nearly half an hour away. Or that I had more money to stock up with a few months worth. We're going to treat ourselves to dinner at Cracker Barrel since we're at that end of town. It's been months since we've been there.

Have I mentioned how much I adore the John Adams soundtrack? I really need to make those icons too, even if it's only a few Thomas Jefferson ones. There's this one pose i have a cap of that I really want to add text that says 'Emo Jefferson is Emo' [g] Plus he's very pretty!

Nin's decided she doesn't want to see the new Harry Potter movie enough to bother going to the theater and will wait for PPV or DVD. She wasn't a fan of Half Blood Prince or Deathly Hollows.
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