Ith (ithildyn) wrote,

'To Write' List

What's in the queue and what I want to be in the queue. Maybe this will help me keep it all sorted!

To Finish

I Am Going To The West

Too Young For Heaven
At the Edge of Heaven

Sequels and Followups
Sequel to Practical Applications (hopefully before IM II comes out!)
Sequel to I Remember You Not Fondly
Sequel to Live To Tell
Sequel to Charitable Impulses (the poker pie tournament between Ezra and Tony)
Sequel to Always (Ezra trying to find out what befell Charlotte)
Followup to Silk and Firecrackers (though it may be a direct sequel, or maybe a sequel and then another one!)
Followup to Cock-eyed Optimist
Sequel to Shattered
Followup to Should the Dawn Return
Followup to My Soul Is Dark
Sequel to Monsters


The ATF AU I really am tempted to write. A mortal Charlotte who is an FBI agent, not a crossover, Cecily is Ezra's stepsister from one of Maude's marriages, and mortal versions of a few of my vampire OCs from my Bloodties series.

The Buck and Constance ficlet that caitymom requested.

A story that deals with Maude and Charlotte's first meeting.

Ezra and Charlotte travel to Paris after Ezra has to move on to a new life. There's a party, and Sean Burns will be there. Sean's one of my favourite Immortal characters and I've always wanted to write him. Of course, when I first envisioned the story, it was before the idea of Vin being Ezra's Watcher, so now Vin has to be there too....

The one where Ezra wakes up to discover his life has been a dream. He isn't Immortal, Charlotte is long dead, and he's really confused.

I'm sure I'm forgetting a few, but lord, I hope not! This list is too long already....

Later: I did!

There's a story I have in mind to explain Ezra's wedding ring. Very sad and angsty [sniff]
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