Ith (ithildyn) wrote,

That's Done

After thinking about it I did decide to tighten up the timeline between 'I Am Going To The West' and 'Practical Applications'. So I went through both and changed seasonal references and such. I also did a small bit of rewriting on PA while I was at it. So now, West takes place at the end of May, instead of July, and PA takes place at the beginning of July instead of November. I think the changes work better for both the emotional impact of the events and for reducing the chances that IM II will stomp all over the sequel to PA by keeping the events closer to the end of IM instead of butting up against the beginning of when IM II is set six months after the end of IM.

In the end, it makes me happy, and that's what's important [snerk]
Tags: fic rambles
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