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The saga of my dealings with Cook's Country Magazine!

I get Cook's Country, and really like the magazine. In the past, I've gotten gift subscriptions to their other magazine Cooks Illustrated, and I have some of their cookbooks. For my birthday, I wanted a particular cake that was in an issue. It was their back cover recipe, and it told you how to construct it, etc.. But the actual layer cake recipe you had to go to their website for. Okay, no big deal. Except I get to the website, and come to find that you have to have a paid subscription to their website to access the recipe! Now, I'm all kinds of unhappy. I paid for a magazine subscription and they want me to pay again to get the recipe! But I think, maybe I'm on the wrong part of the website, so I give them the benefit of the doubt and email them. I got a reply back this morning, and it turns out I was absolutely correct. So I just replied, basically saying that I had no issue with having a paid website, but that to require a paid magazine subscriber to pay again for recipes in the magazine was dishonest and a bait and switch. And that I would not be renewing my subscription or sending subscriptions as gifts anymore. To bad too, since they have a nice product, but I refuse to reward shady business practices.

There's lots of other food magazines for to give my business to!
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