Ith (ithildyn) wrote,

Now I Have Seen It

Do I need to tell you there are spoilers under the cut? Didn't think so.

I said to Casey earlier this evening, that from the before the cut reactions on my f'list, my bet was either Ianto or Rhys got killed off. I was leaning towards Ianto only because I wasn't sure people would be *that* upset if it were Rhys.

Now I know for sure, I guess my reaction is, it's Torchwood, it's to be expected. Sorry to all the Ianto fans out there, because I was pretty upset last year when Tosh got the axe, so I know how you feel.

Overall, another strong episode. Wondering how they'll get themselves out of this pickle, or even of they will. Maybe the end of tomorrow's they'll be dead or dying and Jack will be left to wander the Earth alone. Or he can hang out with Methos since they seem to have so much in common.

Tags: torchwood
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