Ith (ithildyn) wrote,

A Little Torchwood Ramble

And now, in total random order...

* Loved Gwen touching the photo of Tosh and Owen [sniff]

* Martha's on her honeymoon! Yay!

* Jack's daughter?! And I like her! Boy, does she see right through dear old dad.

* Love Gwen and Rhys's relationship. They're just adorable.

* Evil secret agent chick! Bomb in Jack! Yuck!

* Shades of the X Files and the people making a deal with the aliens and the black oil and the antidote.

* Gwen's having a baby! And Jack is so supportive.

* Did I hear right, that Evil Secret Agent Chick aka ESAC, thinks the rift is responsible for Jack not dying? (that's one thing with torrents is sometimes the sound seems smushed and I have trouble hearing some bits)

Seems the theme is family. The children, Gwen being pregnant, Jack's daughter and grandson, Ianto's sister, Martha getting married.
Tags: torchwood

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