Ith (ithildyn) wrote,

Team 7 Visits Our Backyard

Well, close. Nin comes running into my room to tell me there's more than a dozen armed law enforcement types gathering next to our back garden. I join her and my mum to take a look, and sure enough, there's a Federal gathering going on. Riot shields, automatic weapons, the whole shebang. Then they head off down the street, I'm assuming a meth lab, since I know it's a problem in rural areas, and there's some skeevy houses down that way. They were only gone about 15 minutes before they came back, so I guess the bad guys had already flown the coop. Then they gathered round their SUV to take photos, which cracked me up. Is it bad I was thinking of ATF fic and wondering which one was Buck, and could I meet Ezra? [g]

Dang, my father is going to pout like a five-year-old when he finds out what he missed!
Tags: rural life, you don't say?
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