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Last Night's

I am really enjoying Make It Or Break It, surprisingly so. I did just watch it for AS initially, but I love gymnastics, and it has a strong cast, adults and teens. I particularly like Buddah mom out of the parents. She cracks me up, and I liked the actress when she was on Frasier.

Hopefully, there's enough people on my f'list to talk about the show with so....

I totally pegged that the blackmail photos were Marty and one of the moms. It couldn't be something dangerous to Steve's daughter, like Marty was a drug dealer or anything, but had to be sleazy enough to blackmail him with. And sure enough, he was sleeping with Kaylee's mother.

I'm thinking the Russian who competed against Marty back in the day is going to be the new coach.

Like that Lauren got a bit of her own medicine being the 'new girl' at the Denver gym. And she sure wasn't happy that her dad and Summer had been involved for six months. Apparently Steve's lady friends don't normally last that long.

Loved Payson and Emily doing the ninja thing at the gas station and scaring off the punks. But wow, Becca used the bathroom fast [g]
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