Ith (ithildyn) wrote,

Summer Viewing

TV this summer is....

Burn Notice! It's still made of awesome! I particularly liked last night's.

Army Wives: Still making me cry [g]

Next Food Network Star: Because Bobby Flay is really hot in those beautiful suits he wears. Yes, I'm shallow.

Make It Or Break It: New to the summer viewing list. This is Anthony Starke's new series about gymnastics. Very much enjoyed the pilot and looking forward to seeing how the show develops. And Tony is very cute and evil in it - nice combo there!

Psych: We've never watched it before, so we got the first season on DVD and I think we're about halfway through now. Not sure I get the Lassiter love, gals, but we're enjoying the show :)

Still to come, Leverage! Can't wait! Have the S1 DVDs on preorder, so looking forward to a marathon and making my mum watch. We have her watching S1 Burn notice currently.
Tags: anthony starke, army wives, burn notice, leverage, make it or break it, tv stuff
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