Ith (ithildyn) wrote,

Even That Didn't Work

A while back, in the comments of another LJ, we were talking about people not crediting for the icons they use. I'd mentioned that I have icons I make just for me, but people take those too, even though I have a note with my icon adoption blurb to please only take icons that are on those pages. It was suggested I put a note on the comment line of the actual icon on my user pics page that the particular icon was for personal use only. So I did. But even that has failed. I'm not angry or upset, I'm just slightly peeved :) It's just one of those things today, you know? I love making icons to share, but sometimes, there are ones that are a little bit of 'me' and I want to be selfish and keep them all to myself LOL. (And when I've been asked if a person could use one of the icons that are MINE! I pretty much always say 'yes'.) I won't say anything to the person using the icon, because that's what I do, I hate confrontation, but I did need to vent a wee bit.

Okay, all done. As you were.
Tags: ranty mcrant

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