Ith (ithildyn) wrote,

Have You Seen This Ninja?

So my brother bought ninjababe the new SIMS game as a present for her promotion at work. She's now pretty much lost to me for the next few weeks. Will have to remind her to eat and sleep and stuff.

We all went to Mesquite this afternoon for liqueur supplies -- I make jam, Nin makes liqueur -- then we went to one of the casinos and had the buffet, which was only marginal. Then they all played slots for a while. I was just going to watch, but apparently that harshes the squee of the gamblers, so my brother gave me $10 so I could play too. I have nothing against gambling, it's just not something I find enjoyable and figure I may as well burn the money - same difference. But far be it for me to harsh the squee, so I sat down at a penny machine, Indiana Jones and the Incan Curse or some such, and 15 minutes later, my money was gone. So then I stared at Nin for the half hour it took her to lose her money [g]
Tags: family, ninjababe

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