Ith (ithildyn) wrote,

Maybe the Cheese Was Bad

I haven't been feeling all that hot the last few days (which may have something to do with me convincing Nin to call Casey to share her excellent low mournful mooing sound)(you had to be there) which I think is infecting the bunnies. That, or my muse got a bad batch of cheese.

So what is the odd idea rattling around in my brain? Tony Stark in the Old West.

Some sort of lab accident, and while Tony's unconscious he has a 'dream' of being in Four Corners, where he recognizes Ezra and Charlotte, but they don't know him. Mostly I just really want Tony to interact with 19th century Ezra.

Yeah, I'm nuts, but you knew that.
Tags: fic rambles, highlander, iron man, mag7
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