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'Poker Sex'

This needs some set up [g]

strangevisitor7 just posted her Ezra/Amanda PWP, Ace In the Hole, today, and I betaed it for her. Earlier in the week, we had a chat beta session, and we go into a very silly euphemism conversation after she passed on a link from 'The Canadians' (they know who they are) of a website with hundreds of euphemisms.

So I saved the transcript to further torture her with and said I might just post it after she posted her story.

It's very silly and all I did was add some connecting sentences. Otherwise it's pure unvarnished porny nonsense from the chat.

Warnings: it sent Casey and Nin into hysterical fits, and I think Casey wanted brain bleach afterward. You have been warned!

"I see your ace in the hole is very happy to see me," Amanda purred. “Come to mama and let me shuffle your deck. You like that, don’t you, baby? Ooh, yeah, aces high!”

Ezra was content to let Amanda have her way with him; she was always a very enthusiastic bed partner. And this morning, she was obviously enjoying herself thoroughly.

“All in!” she cried out as she climaxed.

A few minutes later, after she’d caught her breath, she kissed her way up his chest, her fingers twining in his hair. “So what do you say?” she whispered against Ezra’s lips. “Double or nothing?”
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