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This sounds really kewl:

We're going to hold a mixathon. :-) What is a mixathon? Like a ficathon, only you request a mix instead of a fanfic story, and since this is [info]fic_mix, it's a mix for one of your fanfic stories. :-) Basically, you post a list of stories you'd like to receive a mix for, along with a list of fandoms and pairings you like to read and preferred/hated musical styles, and I will match you up with someone who shares at least one of those fandoms/pairings and styles, who will choose a story from your list, read it, and make a mix for it. :-)

I'm not participating, since I'm technically deficient, but if you know how to make 'mixes' it sounds like it would be lots of fun! I'm looking forward to seeing what they come up with.

A Bit Later: My bad. I'm new to how LJ works and seem to be constantly making faux pas' (I'm thinking I should have stuck to blogging! :) ) and didn't realize you had to be a part of their group to comment/participate. Still a great idea though!
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