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Trek Thoughts

I think making the new Trek an alternate universe/timeline was an excellent decision. My original Trek is safely moving along in its own reality, and now we have the new one on its own path. So the new timeline movies can be totally free from the constraints of the original timeline. Goodness knows that alternate timelines were used a lot in the many Trek series over the years. Now we get to visit one of them in depth.

Which brings me to Spock. Is he going to keep quiet about things like the Borg, or knowing Romulus is going to get munched? Will there even be an Enterprise with a Capt. Picard? Might not be, so maybe no Q, so no Borg. Maybe no Savvik either, or Tuvok. Maybe they miss meeting the Organians, so there's no enforced treaty with the Klingons, which could lead to... hey, 'Yesterday's Enterprise'!

Very glad this is an alternate timeline, or I would have never been able to forgive them for destroying Vulcan and killing Amanda. And since I thought there would be some way to use the Romulan tech and the red matter stuff to reset time to a certain point before Vulcan was blackholaized, I didn't get upset when they destroyed Vulcan, sure it was coming back by the end. So after the fact.... I think it was overkill - no pun intended.

Interesting that our Spock (yeah, I think of the original timeline Trek as 'ours' and the new guys as 'other' LOL) chose the Vulcan path and the other Spock is choosing the human one. Which brings me to Spock/Uhura....

I love the concept, but since 'other Spock' really left me with such a 'meh' reaction, I just didn't see the attraction. I've loved Zoe Saldana since she was in PotC, so was glad to see her in such a major role.

I liked how the future was different, yet familiar, like the bar in Iowa where they're ordering Budweiser and Jack. Guess they survived WWIII [g]

I wish someone had warned me I would need kleenex in the first ten minutes! Loved what little we saw of Jennifer Morrison.

Interesting change they made to the engine room of the Enterprise. The rest of the ship design looked more modern that than TOS, but the engine room was more like the inside of an old factory.

I loved Captain Pike! Probably my personal pick for movie hottie [g]

Karl Urban as Bones was the stand out performance for me. I thought the kid that played Kirk did a pretty good job. Their were hints of Shatner's Kirk, but just hints. The delicate touch was very effective.

That's what comes to mind right now. Maybe more when I see it a second time.
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