Ith (ithildyn) wrote,

'I Am Going To The West' - Part Three Revised

The revised version of part three of 'I Am Going To the West' is now up. I needed to incorporate some new canon that has appeared in strangevisitor7's most recent stories before I got started on this again, most especially Vin becoming Ezra's Watcher. So the part has close to doubled in size. I'm actually glad I waited this long to get back to the story, becuase I really think the new Watcher aspect adds a nice element to this story, and the series overall. Not to mention, not having to keep it a secret Chris and Charlotte were married, so as not to spoil Casey's upcoming stories.

Part four is ready for beta, and part five is nearly done, so you should see some new stuff soon. Thanks to everyone for their patience.
Tags: fic

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