Ith (ithildyn) wrote,

When She's Away...

the muse shall play.

I wrote a 1200 word fc last night. Why? Because strangevisitor7 was out for the day and couldn't respond to my emails. Which meant I couldn't start on I Am Going To The West (yes, that will be the next project for me to complete -- it won hands down in the poll) since I needed a consensus on some of the plot points I'd raised. So of course, that meant I had to write a whole new story! See how that logic goes? We were out in the afternoon/evening, me, Nin, and my brother, running errands. We went to two nurseries to dinner, the liquor store and Loew's, and the entire time, my brain was writing the story.

And know what? I still feel like writing! I'm in one of those zones I get into every so often. How long it lasts, I have no idea.

As for last night's fic, I probably won't post it till strangevisitor7 posts her newest, since it was something that happens in hers that was the inspiration. It's something of a Chris/Charlotte PWP, but I think it was kinda cute.
Tags: fic rambles, friends

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