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I am so stoked that Chuck has been renewed! And Castle too! Wow, that sacrifice I made to the TV gods musta paid off.

And how ironic is it that the one Joss show I have absolutely no interest in watching is the one that gets renewed?

Still haven't seen Star Trek. By the time I do, no one will be interested in talking about.

It's supposed to top 100 today. It's 90 odd currently and my room is 85. We're going to give the dog a bath at some point, so I will be hot, wet, and dirty afterwards.

Haven't even looked at my f'list yet today! Been reading a new story strangevisitor7 is writing, and writing my own Vin centric snippet based on a conversation he was having with a character you haven't met yet in my brain when I woke up this morning. I've learned to try and write that sort of thing down because over time I lose a lot of the dialogue. This way, if we decide to go in direction my snippet was taking, I have it all filed away. And if not, I'll just post the snippet at some point as a road not taken.
Tags: castle, chuck, fic rambles, star trek, vin tanner
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