Ith (ithildyn) wrote,

I Hate Dialup!

My internet went down a bit ago, so I'm down in the basement on my brother's computer using the dial up. Just perfect! It's so slow... well, you get the idea.

Casey, I sent your beta back via my Yahoo address, just in case it sticks it in a spam folder or something. And yes, I will have Nin ponder an ignominious death on the drive to Yellowstone!

The finger: it's as an ugly mess mess of black and blue this morning, but the swelling has gone way down and I can use it. It just hurts if I forget and bang into something. Thanks for all the hugs!

I'll be checking my Yahoo email while away, so use that if you really need me. Or DM me on LJ and I'll see it when I check my inbox.

I'll probably dial in at least once before we leave, but other than that, see y'all on the flip side. We'll come back with lots of pics!
Tags: random, ranty mcrant

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